Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Text Messages

Q: How can you tell if a number is a mobile number?
A: The software of the auto-dialer can detect if the device accepts SMS. The system marks phone numbers that accept SMS ( text message), but always continues to verify and update.

Q: Will I be able to text my own travel notification to the Fraud Center or will those still come to the bank?
A: No. You as the cardholder will have to inform the bank of travel information.

Q: Do I or the bank have to sign up to receive the text message?
A: No. Text is part of the Fraud Center service and is provided free to you, our cardholders. The bank does not have to do anything as the text service is automatic.

Q: Regarding SMS replies is the reply of XXXXYES case sensitive or will XXXXyes be accepted also?
A: It is not case-sensitive. Either will be accepted. The XXXX represents the last 4 digits of the card number.

Q: Will there be a prompt anywhere in the incoming text message telling me that I can type "HELP" for the opt-in and opt-out options?
A: No. If you opt out for text messages, the auto-dialer knows and will play a script to allow you to opt back in during the voice contact strategy as long as you are confirming No Fraud.

Q: If I reply STOP to opt out, can I opt back in.
A: Yes. You will get a voice call from the auto-dialer that will give you the option to opt back in for text messages as long as you confirmed No Fraud.

Q: Will the Fraud Center list all suspected fraud transactions in each text? Sometimes there are many and may not fit into one text.
A: No. Only one transaction will be listed in the text.

Q: What happens if I don’t respond to the text message right away?
A: Cardholders have 30 days to respond to text messages.

Q. If the same phone number is listed for home, cell and business, will each number receive a call or a text?
A: Only one number will get the call or text – the Fraud Center recognizes that the numbers are the same.

Note: There is an exception in the system if you have an area code and zip code with different time zones; if the phone number is from an East Coast state but the zip code is from a West Coast state, the auto dialer will contact you beginning at 8:00 am (West Coast time) and end at 9:00 pm (East Coast time). The calling window is shortened, however, it ensures that the auto dialer doesn't call during off hours. We wouldn't want to accidentally contact you if you are residing on the West Coast between 5:00 am and 8:00 am.

Voice - Auto-Dialer Call 

Q: If I just hang up, how does the auto-dialer proceed?
 A: It will log the hang up and continue in the contact strategy path.

Q: If I have a foreign phone number, will the system recognize if the phone number is from outside the US?
A: Yes and the dialer will not call international phone numbers.

Q: Will the auto-dialer voice be a Male or Female voice? 
A: Female

Q: Does the auto-dialer take into account recent customer profile information updates?
A: Yes, cardholder records are updated with current data from the incoming files daily from banks.

Q: What is the time frame between when I press to confirm fraud and when I am connected with a fraud analyst?
A. Once a cardholder confirms fraud via text or voice, the auto-dialer will automatically call the cardholder and connect them to a fraud analyst. If it is a voice call, the cardholder will be immediately connected to a fraud analyst upon confirmation of fraud, during the hours of 8 am-9 pm each day. If the cardholder confirms fraud after hours, they will not be called until 8 am.

Q: What information will be used to verify your identity should you opt to call in?
A: Zip Code is the primary authentication method via the auto-dialer. If the cardholder is unable to authenticate with the 5-digit Zip Code, they are connected to an agent and the agent will try to verify the Zip again, if that doesn’t work they will ask to verify a phone number on file. If both fail, the cardholder will be asked to contact the bank directly.

Q: Is it actually going to say that they want to verify transactions on the debit card?
A: Yes.

Q: What happens if the auto-dialer or fraud analyst is unable to authenticate my identity as the cardholder?
A: You will be referred to contact the bank and an email notification will be sent to the bank.

Q: What time frame is involved in the call window? Does it consider various time zones? 
A: The time zones are based on your address on file. Text is 24/7. Voice is 8 am - 9 pm daily.

Q: As a cardholder, if I call the Fraud Center, is the full 16-digit card number confirmed or just the last 4 digits?
A: Card numbers are not used for verification. First verification is done by verifying the phone number calling in to see if it matches one in the Fraud Center, second verification is billing Zip Code. If the cardholder cannot authenticate on the Zip Code, they must give us a phone number that is on their card record.

Q: After sending a text to the cardholder, how long will system wait before sending a voice call?
A: 5 minutes.

Q: Is the 800 number listed, a worldwide number?
A: There is no international toll-free number for the dialer.

Q: Why can’t the auto-dialer say the merchant name to the cardholder first? It would be far less confusing to our cardholder hearing "did you make a purchase at Walmart" instead of "did you make a purchase at a grocery store/supermarket."
A: The cardholder can press option 2 to get more information on the transaction including merchant name. The merchant name is text to speech, so for some merchant names the pronunciation may not be 100% accurate.

Q: Who do I call if it is after hours and I have an issue using my debit card?
A: The Fraud Center does not address issues using a debit card. The Fraud Center is only dealing with fraudulent activity on cards. If the cardholder receives a call from the Fraud Center, the phone number to return the call will be provided. Otherwise refer to the number on the back of your debit card, 866.546.8273


Q: If I am traveling and am contacted by the Fraud Center, can they add a travel alert at that time? 
A: No, you should call the bank directly and request that a Personal Banker add the travel alert.


National Bank of Commerce will NEVER ask for your Social Security number, account number, PIN, password, expiration date or CVV number (the 3-digit code on the signature panel on the back of your card) from you via outbound  email, phone call or text.

Customer Service

Lost/Stolen Debit/ATM Cards
715.394.5531 (normal business hours)
1.866.546.8273 (after hours and weekends)

You may also use the option in our Mobile Banking system to cancel your lost or stolen ATM/Debit card. You must be a Mobile Banking user to access this feature.