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Mortgage Application STEPS
Let’s get started.

When you are in the market for a construction or home mortgage loan, here are four easy steps to prepare you for purchasing. 

1. See What You Can Afford

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2. Talk to a Mortgage Professional

Sit down with a NBC mortgage banker. A lot of details go into mortgage loans and a face-to-face meeting with one of our experienced mortgage bankers can help you cut through the confusion and focus on what’s important. This beneficial, complimentary consultation will assist you in determining how much home you can afford based upon the details of your life and economic situation.

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3. Get Pre-Approved

We will get you pre-approved and provide a Commitment to Lend, unlike other institutions who merely pre-qualify you. This will provide you a competitive advantage when you are ready to make an offer. 

4. Gather the Right Docs

Because a construction, home or refinance mortgage loan has so many moving parts, download our checklist of supporting documentation needed for a conventional loan.

We do our best to anticipate all the information required for a mortgage loan and depending on your life and economic situation, there may be further documentation needed to clarify your situation. This list, however, is a great way to get your mortgage loan process started.

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Already own a home? 

If you already own your home, there are more benefits to a mortgage examination by one of our experts. Through an analysis a National Bank of Commerce mortgage expert will determine if we can achieve your financial goals by re-working your debt with a refinance.

When you’re ready to talk, make an appointment with one of our Mortgage Bankers or Apply Now.